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Roobet strategy is the most important thing before you start gambling. There are many roobet strategies that you can get. Besides luck, the most influential factor in gambling is strategy. there are several strategies that I have practiced at casino roobet, especially in dice, mines and crash games. I do not guarantee 100% you will benefit. but by following this method you can minimize the risk of defeat and increase your chances of winning


Roobet Dice Strategy

  1. Martingale
    The simplest strategy is to choose a 2x multiplier, and always double when you don't get a win. After you get one win immediately return to the base bet.

You can use the crypto dice calculator to calculate how many losses will make your balance insufficient for the next bet.

  1. Pre-Roll Strategy
    Start with the smallest bet that if you lose it won't have a big effect on your balance. look for 7 losses in a row. if you have got it, bet 5% of your total balance. multiply until you find a win. don't forget to return to the pre-roll if you have got one win.
  1. Hunt for high payouts
    Betting with Hunting for high payouts is one strategy that can make you rich suddenly. use the 2% and 3% odds of losing to read the results and calculate which side came up the most 00.XX or 99.XX. for example, when it hits 99.11 and after a few batches another twin hits like 99.23. It's time to switch to the 99.XX side and up and use the 1% or 1.5% chance to prevent the unwanted. I've done this strategy over and over again and got a big profit.

Roobet Mines Strategy

number of mines : 8
number of stars : 6
This will result in a win of 14.17x
Bet with a base bet of at least 12 times. For example, at 100 sat per bet, 12 bets would take up 1200 sat. Meanwhile if you win one, your profit will be 13.17*100 = 1317 sats. you still get a profit of 117 sats.

If you lose 12 bets, double your bet for another 5 games. So it takes 1200 + 2005 = 2200 sats. one win will give you a profit of 20013.17 – 2200 = 434 sats

If you still lose in this bet, double it again and play 4 times. back to basebet after winning. stop after you get a profit of one and a half times the total initial balance.

for more strategy Roobet mines calculator to find out the number of multipliers and winning results.

Roobet Crash Strategy

Play automatically by filling “on lose” by 50%. this will make each loss will increase the bet by 1.5x. on the “on win” option select return to base. Make sure your balance allows for 8 consecutive losses. this strategy is the same as the Martingale, you can change the amount of the bet according to the amount of balance you have. The risk of this strategy is if you get a losing streak and your balance is not enough to make the next bet.

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