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I made a tutorial in 7 videos, showing the power of *Limbo* one of Stake’s originals.

In which in 7 videos, I make 0.00005 BTC to 0.005 BTC (I’m using the Brazilian currency in the description of the videos but in the video everything works via Satoshi).

Below is the strategy used. (Remembering that this is risk leverage, so use money that is available for testing) . A nice tip when watching the videos *BELIEVE IN SEQUENCES*, that is, even if there is a loss sequence, there will be a win sequence :).

Strategy: Machine – Limbo (original stake)

Value: 0.00005000 BTC Target: 0.00500000 BTC

Method: 1.5x with dual Martingale. Usage: Watch the video. Respect the dropper strategy. Fix your bets as if you were working with 5mil. So bets of 16 or 64 starting are good.

Loss: Two Gale

Machine properties: Checker Pattern, Double Pattern, Triple Pattern and Sequence.

Information: Limbo usually gives a maximum of 6 losses followed by 1.5x, rarely in rare cases reaching 7. And the loss limit at 1.5x is 9 times. As you are giving away two gale, either a long bankroll or a very low bet is required.

In case you feel that the machine has entered a *Sequence* focus on recovery. 1 Gale you draw the losing bet. Stay focused on the goal when reaching the stop. *We don’t have Stoploss on this leverage* just hit the target.
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